What People Say

  • Patrick Jocelyn

    Prelude is an exceptional leadership transformational business. Their executive team leadership support and personal coaching services have been instrumental in driving the success of Omniplex Learning. Their emphasis on valuing each team member equally is refreshing and has had a positive impact on Omniplex Learning's executive team dynamics, as we learned to appreciate each other's strengths and areas of weakness. The results of Prelude's work have been remarkable, Omniplex Learning's executive team is now highly aligned in their ways of working together, pursuing strengths and complementary skills over silos or politics, and helped Omniplex Learning become a high-growth, valuable "well-oiled machine". The positive outcomes of Prelude's work have included increased profits, improved team dynamics, and lower levels of churn, all of which are indicators of a successful business. Overall, I cannot recommend Prelude enough for their exceptional services which have had a profound impact on Omniplex Learning's success, and I believe that they can do the same for any business.

    Patrick Jocelyn, CEO Omniplex Learning
  • Mike Ing

    Working with Bill and Angharad at the start of our venture was a really insightful and enjoyable experience. They did a great job of capturing the essence of our core team, our key characteristics and how we would work together for our prospective investors, including pros, cons, upsides and pitfalls. Handled badly, these types of discussions can be intimidating, meaning candidates don’t open up, but Bill and Angharad handled them really well. We are great fans of having diverse teams who each bring their own strengths to the table, so being armed with areas to watch for as far as team dynamics go is hugely valuable. We now use Bill and Angharad as a screen for our key roles to give us an independent view which we sit alongside our own judgement of the candidate, and we have had some really valuable insight from that process

    Mike Ing, CEO Kerv Group
  • Mark Exeter

    Prelude Consulting have been a key partner for the business to understand, recruit and build our high performance senior leadership team. During our time working together Bill and Angharad have shared invaluable insights into business team dynamics that have supported the business to achieve ambitious high growth plans.

    Mark Exeter, CEO L3 Harris
  • Matt Norrington

    Bill and Angharad did a great job of understanding the underlying motivations, behaviours and skills of the management team both individually and collectively to help provide us with further clarity on their suitability and how they would function together as an effective team. What we appreciated most above and beyond their insight was their honesty concerning not only the strengths but potential areas to watch out for and carefully manage to bring out the best performance in the team.

    Matt Norrington, Partner Ambienta, SRG
  • Cynthia Bostock

    As a business that specialises in assessment we initially approached working with Prelude through a heightened critical lens. We were therefore delighted with the intelligence and accuracy of the insights they provided. Not only was that hugely valuable insight into individual but equally importantly for understanding and balancing the team dynamics as a whole. We thoroughly enjoyed working with both Bill and Angharad. They describe themselves as ‘Simple Folk’ but are far from that. Intelligent, insightful, commercially astute, accurate and a lot of fun to work with. Having benefited from their analysis on us as an executive board, we continued to engage Prelude for our subsequent senior hiring. Bill in particular does not pull any punches, always appropriate but brutally honest, we trust their output and have learned to ignore any flags that they raise at our peril

    Cynthia Bostock, CEO Amberjack
  • Stian Martinsen

    Both as a company and as a management team, we’ve learned so much during the process of becoming a Private Equity owned business, not least thanks to the sessions with Bill and Angharad at Prelude. Prelude has helped us recognise our strengths and weaknesses, and where we need to improve. Going forward with further acquisitions we know that building solid management teams will be highly important and teaming up with Prelude ensures we make the right analysis and conclusions.

    Stian Martinsen, Daglig Leder/CEO, Trainor Group
  • Edward Davies

    I first met Bill and Angharad as part of management DD (on me and other directors!) for a PE business looking to back an MBO I was leading. I enjoyed their work so much I continued to use them once we’d completed the MBO to help with board and management assessments and development. I’ve now carried the relationship forward into Viper Innovations Limited. Scalpel sharp in assessing people and constructive in their personal development plans and onwards support, they have helped with critical team and leadership building and decisions that would otherwise have been less certain and taken longer. They are disarming in their style which enables people to open up. This undoubtedly means they can add greater value to the individual and the business concerned. Their reputation means they can choose their work and I’m pleased to count them as part of the team who are ensuring that management at Viper are equipped to deliver the next part of our journey.

    Edward Davies, MD Viper Innovations
  • Graeme Dell

    Bill and Angharad have continued to deliver a unique combination of incredible insight of the psychology of why an exhibited behaviour occurs with realistic practical advice as to how to change it. Bill has experienced a wide variety of humankind in his professional career and is therefore never short of entirely relevant advice and real-life examples. Always causes me to think hard as to whether I’m really so transparent or he is a masterful mind reader! Bill and Angharad are highly versatile from traditional coaching, through complex behavioural analysis and or coordinating a complex investigation – in all cases summarising in a manner which describes the facts with a logical conclusion and action plan.

    Graeme Dell, COO/CFO, Pemberton Asset Management
  • Rachel Parker

    The feedback from our team was extremely positive, we've all had assessments in the past and many assumed this would just be 'another exercise'. This was very different, far more accurate than any of us had expected! The outcomes for us included very practical and actionable advice which enabled some immediate change. Bill and Angharad offer a very unique and genuine consultancy, they were focused on offering real value from the outset, it was refreshing to find that this was not put across in 'standard consultancy' fashion, it was just genuine, and they really delivered.

    Rachel Parker, Head of HR L3 Harris Technologies
  • Stuart Wilson

    We were introduced to Prelude whilst going through the due diligence process. Our Leadership team really enjoyed the individual sessions with Bill and Angharad, the feedback was given in a very direct and honest way. Their expert opinions on individual and group dynamics were very insightful and scarily accurate. It has proved extremely useful in driving stronger and more honest professional relationships between the senior team and in giving real focus on personal areas for development. Everyone, without exception, gained valuable insight into themselves and others, Bill and Angharad were extremely professional and the consultation left everyone very motivated to achieve our overall business goals.

    Stuart Wilson, CEO, Blue Bay Travel