TEAM Performance and Agility Quotient

Team Performance and Agility Quotient

What is TeamPAQ?

A major contributory factor in team success (or lack of) is the maturity of team processes and behaviours, how well the team works together. There are so many team assessments, and team building activities on the market. Some focus on the stages of team development, like the Tuckman ‘Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing model,’ or the Lencioni ‘5 dysfunctions model.’ Others, like Katzenbach and Smith focus on the 4 pillars of team success, or the MBTI which looks at individual personalities within the team and how they collectively work together. All have a valid place, and can be extremely helpful, but none measure team maturity.

Team Performance and Agility Quotient

How does TeamPAQ work?

TeamPAQ assesses the maturity of a team’s processes and behaviours across 10 separate but interlinked dimensions, in terms of strategic alignment and execution, allowing the team to understand where the gaps are and provide a roadmap to increasing team maturity. This will enhance decision-making, ensure a greater likelihood of achieving their strategic goals and even increase enterprise value by being seen to be a well-functioning, aligned, effective, efficient, well-oiled management machine with mature processes and behaviours.

Team Performance and Agility Quotient

What does TeamPAQ measure?

There are several elements that constitute the maturity of team processes and behaviours. Starting at the higher level of Strategic vs Execution, then moving through such dimension as Trust, Ambition, Collaboration to Meeting Effectiveness, Decision-Making and Driving Performance. Then finally it measures individual variances among the team, allowing objective data to create all the right conditions for meaningful debate and the opportunity to put in permanent fixes and constantly, consistently over time, measure and raise the general level of management maturity in the team.


The problem

A £50M turnover, Private Equity backed SaaS business looking to scale quickly, exit and move onto the next level with a new acquirer with a ‘buy and build’ strategy. They were struggling to get traction and move beyond the ‘ad hoc’ phase of their management maturity to the higher levels expected and required for a slicker, £150M business.

The management team all completed the TeamPAQ assessment, and the results visually and objectively represented the team and their strengths, and gaps were apparent. The results demonstrated they were far more Strategic, big pictured and whilst this meant a clear alignment, a willingness to change and a united ambition, they were failing to execute, their processes and behaviours for Meeting Efficiency, (planning, being prepared and on point), and Meeting Effectiveness, (action oriented, recording and follow through) were poor. This gave a clear focus for the areas to improve.


The solution

The individual score variances and the comparison with other team norms, especially those ‘best in class,’ demonstrated that many did know ‘know what good looks like,’ and so their bar was too low for the business to scale. Another specific area that was identified was a lack of trust among some of the team, but the analysis demonstrated that this was actually due to them being at different levels of experience, so not that they didn’t trust each other, but that they didn’t believe that each other were doing the right things and so, by having the discussion and aligning on changing their processes and behaviours, they were able to find a single, common approach to execution, with all holding collective responsibility.

This has led to a higher score in their management maturity but more importantly has supercharged the team performance and also an increase in the overall business performance, all directly attributed to the changes they made as a result of the analysis. It also makes the management team so much more attractive to a new potential investor.

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