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Honest, insightful, in-depth assessment|Down-to-earth, caring, helpful approach|Clear, accurate and practical outputs

Supporting investors and management teams

Management Due Diligence projects undertaken, in the UK, Europe and North America

Years specialising in management due diligence for Private Equity investors

Cross-sector experience

We’ve assessed every kind of team, from building subsea drilling equipment, to making sausage rolls, to pest control to TV production!

Multi-Award winning

Organisational Psychologists of the year, Management Due Diligence provider of the year and Consultancy of the year

Supporting teams to succeed

Business plans come in all shapes and sizes, cautious, optimistic, audacious, safe but in the end a plan is only a plan. It has to be executed and delivered, by a team, with all the brilliance, foibles and idiosyncrasies that come with being human! We’ve been providing honest insight and practical down to earth advice to investors and management teams since 1991. We want to see people succeed, and so it’s our job to assess how well equipped are ‘that team’ to deliver on ‘that plan,’ and then provide the support they need to deliver.

What people say

Mike Ing

Working with Bill and Angharad at the start of our venture was a really insightful and enjoyable experience. They did a great job of capturing the essence of our core team…

Mike Ing, CEO Kerv Group
Cynthia Bostock

We were delighted with the intelligence and accuracy of the insights they provided. We trust their output and have learned to ignore any flags that they raise at our peril...

Cynthia Bostock, CEO Amberjack
Graeme Dell

Bill and Angharad have continued to deliver a unique combination of incredible insight of the psychology of why an exhibited behaviour occurs with realistic practical advice as to how to change it.

Graeme Dell, COO/CFO, BC Partners